Employ your business savvy. Empower people.

If your company is seeking to hire or supplement its workforce, Goodwill can help.  By working with us, organizations can find dependable, hard-working employees.

Benefits include:

•  A qualified dependable worker who wants to be at work

•  Flexible scheduling

•  Long-term and short-term placements

•  No unemployment or workers’ compensation exposure with contracted employees

•  Initial employee training with follow-up support

•  Tax credit information available

•  Possible wage subsidy during the initial training period

•  Employer can separate entry-level duties from employee’s other job duties, making optimum use of their work time

Partnerships at Work

Dan Anderson works at Minnesota Power.

More Than a Decade of Employment

After graduating from high school, where he received special services, Dan was referred to Goodwill. At first, he participated in […]

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Twenty Years and Many Jobs at Goodwill

by Valerie Clark Public Relations Specialist, Goodwill Duluth vclark@goodwillduluth.org Jim has had so many different jobs at Goodwill that it’s […]

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Community Employment Program

The services provided in the Community Employment Program match employer and employee, supporting maximum job satisfaction for both.

Types of Community Employment

Individual site placement

A person is placed in a community business performing a job, i.e., janitorial services, food service, kitchen assistant, library aide or sales associate.

Crew work

Small crews (2 to 4 people) work in a local business performing work under the supervision of Goodwill staff.  Crew work typically includes janitorial services, lawn-care and general assembly work.

Industrial group-work sites

Work is performed on the premises of a community business.  The size of the workgroup varies.  This setting allows the employer to observe workers and assess their ability for possible future employment, as well as allowing workers the opportunity to try jobs of various skill levels.