Dan Anderson works at Minnesota Power.

More Than a Decade of Employment

Dan AndersonAfter graduating from high school, where he received special services, Dan was referred to Goodwill. At first, he participated in Work Adjustment Training geared to develop good work skills, attitudes and behaviors. From there, Goodwill’s Community Employment Services staff found a job for Dan that matched his interests and his improved skills—providing groundskeeping and recycling services as a major part of making sure that Minnesota Power’s Duluth facility stays clean and green, and he’s grateful for the job opportunity that has kept him busy for about 15 years.

“The job coach taught me how to do the different parts of my recycling job,” said Dan. “The hardest part was finding out where all of the rooms were and not getting lost. We made a list of room numbers and floors that I followed until I had it memorized. Now my job coach comes to check on me to make sure I’m still doing a good job.”

Dan enjoys his early-bird schedule at Minnesota Power, where he typically comes in early in the morning and is able to leave by noon. He helps out by sorting through the recyclable materials, including cardboard, paper, magazines, cans and bottles.

“I do a lot of recycling at Minnesota Power,” says Dan, who is epileptic. “I sometimes take out the garbage every once in a while.”

Dan’s co-workers describe him as dependable, committed to his job and well-liked.

Dan has worked at Goodwill for a total of 31 years, and for the past ten years, he has continued to be employed in the community—and continues to benefit from the support of Goodwill.

“You can’t stay home all the time and do nothing,” he said.

Twenty Years and Many Jobs at Goodwill

by Valerie Clark
Public Relations Specialist, Goodwill Duluth

Jim has had so many different jobs at Goodwill that it’s hard for him to even remember all of them.

“I’ve been doing a lot,” says Jim, who has worked at Goodwill for 20 years. “Clothes baler, cardboard baler, runner, working on the belt, sorting, presort, and so many other jobs, too.”

During his two decades at Goodwill, Jim says, he’s learned a lot and has been given many new responsibilities.

“When they first had me start working on the clothes baler, they had someone show me how to do it,” Jim said. “I caught on. Anytime that person can’t make it or is not here, I take over.”

Jim also has a community job through Goodwill. He does recycling at Minnesota Power every Monday and Friday.

He has learned a lot about a wide variety of jobs during his time at Goodwill, but his favorite thing about working here is his co-workers.

“I started seeing more people that I didn’t know, and started making friends with them,” Jim said.

Jim lives with his mom in Superior. In his free time, he enjoys taking vacations with his family, visiting Madison or the Twin Cities. He likes to take bike rides around Superior.

Another hobby that Jim enjoys is photography. A fan of the Twin Ports’ natural beauty, some of his favorite subjects include ice sculptures by Lake Superior and the waterfalls at Amnicon Falls and Pattison Park. Others have started to take notice of his photography — the Minnesota Power Credit Union has published some of his waterfall photos in its calendar.

In July, Jim successfully earned his driver’s license. His brother is going to help him to start shopping for a car, which surely will lead to expanded photography trips to capture the beauty of the local area!