Journey to Employment: Willie

Born with a muscle condition that has impaired his mobility since a child, Willie found it difficult as an adult to find an employer that would accommodate to his needs. It was through a day treatment program that Willie learned about the employment services Goodwill had to offer and he decided to reach out.

Willie’s first job at Goodwill was at Duluth’s main facility, working with textiles. Now, almost two decades later he holds a clerical support position at the Government Services Building in the downtown business district. He’s maintained this job for nearly 15 years and greatly enjoys his work.

“Goodwill has been very supportive over the years. I was afraid to go out and work, I wasn’t ready…They prepared me for where I’m at now”, he says with a tone of confidence.

When not at work, Willie is involved in the production of plays at his local church and crochets hats, mittens, and other various items. He is also active with fitness and can be found exercising at the local YMCA each morning before he goes into work.

“It’s important to keep active,” he says. I just like to do a little bit of everything.”