Gaining Self-Confidence at Goodwill

by Valerie Clark
Public Relations Specialist, Goodwill Duluth

Goodwill’s job training services for people with barriers to employment provide them with the job skills they need to succeed. But even more importantly, Goodwill’s programs give a brand-new sense of confidence to people like Jenny.

Jenny, 21, has worked at Goodwill for about two years. She got involved with Goodwill through the Department of Workforce Development after graduating from Superior High School.

“I was kind of interested in something that I could do,” Jenny said. “I tried it out.”

Jenny has thrived in many different areas of work at Goodwill’s main facility, including the sorting belt and the store. Her main work area right now is the rack department, where she sorts and categories clothing to be placed on sale in the store.

She enjoys her co-workers at Goodwill.

“I like the friends that I’ve made,” Jenny said.

Not only has Jenny met new people and gained valuable job skills; working at Goodwill has also given her new self-worth and pride in herself.

“I think it’s helped a lot with my confidence,” Jenny says. “I used to have low self-esteem and be really shy.”

Goodwill staff members have taken notice of Jenny’s hard work and increased confidence. At the 2012 Awards Luncheon, Jenny was honored with an achievement award for: “Increased assertiveness, a positive and friendly attitude, and dependability in both the rack and presort departments.”

Though she enjoys working at Goodwill, Jenny’s dream job would be to become a writer. In her free time, she loves to read and write stories. She also enjoys ice skating and traveling. One of her favorite recent trips was a vacation to Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has also been to Montana and Washington, D.C.

Jenny lives with her parents and has 20-year-old twin brothers, Josh and Jeff. Josh works at Goodwill in the mattress department.