Situational Assessments

A Situational Assessment is a short-term paid work experience designed to help individuals explore their vocational aptitudes, demonstrate the types of support services that will be needed In the workplace, and assist the individual  in acquiring specific skills and abilities needed to be successful.

Job Coaching and Ongoing Supports

Job coaching is a service that provides a worker in the community with the training and support needed to maintain or advance their employment. Services provided by a Job Coach include teaching job skills, assisting the employer and the worker in developing strategies to successfully work together, advocating with the employer on behalf of the worker, and helping the worker develop natural supports in the workplace.

Center-Based Employment

The Goodwill Center-Based Employment program provides paid work at our main facility and consists of various jobs including goods processing, janitorial duties, stocking, retail, office work, and shipping. Goodwill’s staff works with individuals in identifying a job within the facility that is well-suited to their skills and abilities. The goal of center-based employment is to prepare people for community or supported employment.

Community Employment 

The Community Employment program provides paid work in the community to individuals that need intensive ongoing support to maintain their employment. These jobs are often on crews and may include janitorial, lawn-work, and kitchen work.

Supported Employment

The Goodwill Supported Employment program provides competitive employment in an integrated setting with local community employers. Goodwill staff provides ongoing support services to individuals in this program. Area employers hiring through this service in the past year included Super One, Olive Garden, Bernick’s Pepsi, Minnesota Power, Grandma’s Restaurant, TJ Maxx, US Bank, Aerostich, and McDonald’s.

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