People make a difference.

Through the POWER OF WORK, the men and women who train and work with Goodwill have a unique opportunity. To break down barriers. To learn and refine skills. To have dignity, self-confidence, friendship, empowerment and more.

Goodwill makes a difference.

We’re here for people facing roadblocks to employment. It’s about maximizing human potential. And maximizing material resources: We’re here for everyone who wants to shop and share gently used household goods. And in the process, we’re helping sustain a better environment.

You make a difference.

By shopping Goodwill. By giving donations to Goodwill. By employing and empowering the people Goodwill serves. By understanding what we’re really trying to accomplish—and sharing the Goodwill message.




Goodwill Board of Directors

Linda Deneen
Vice President
William Sawyer
Erik Birkeland
Sharon Monahan
Past President
Ken Butler
Board Members
Praveen Aggarwal
Steve Sharkey
Linda Deneen
Joseph Austin
Erik Birkeland
David Frankenfeld
Shirley Hansen
Deborah Jackson
Sharon Monahan
William Sawyer
Stephen Shaner
Gerald Taylor
Jeff Woolverton
Matt Silverness